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InstaSign v3.9.2 Updating & Xcode Interference Fix

So in v3.9.1 of InstaSign, the “Check for Updates…” feature in the menu was accidentally disabled when released, which is why all users are unable to update to v3.9.2. In order to update InstaSign, you will need to manually go to instasign.it and download the new update from there.

Of course that small mishap, isn’t the only thing in the v3.9.2 update because I’ve heard from many users that use Xcode for their app distribution, that the InstaSign codesigning binaries are interfering with the default ones stored in /usr/bin. This has been officially resolved so that now all the binaries are used locally within the main bundle of InstaSign, which should solve a lot of the mayhem (e.g. “Code signing operation failed”) caused with overriding those default binaries that Xcode utilizes.

If you need to restore those original binaries that have been overridden in /usr/bin, you can download this zip (http://cloud.uhelios.com/3x180L0N2R0V) which contains the “codesign” and “codesign_allocate” binaries. This should get rid of the error you’re receiving in Xcode, and the v3.9.2 update should prevent it from happening in the future.

Reverting to Original Carrier Logos

I’ve gotten many emails about reverting back to your original carrier logos with CarrierEditor, and I think it deserves a proper answer:

If the reversion method provided in CarrierEditor DOES NOT work, then the ONLY method to going back to your original logos is by restoring your iOS device via iTunes.

Also let me stress that CarrierEditor CANNOT support additional carriers that are NOT on the predefined list.

CarrierEditor Latest News

Just updated CarrierEditor to v1.0.6, which adds support for unlocked carriers, 10.6 (Leopard), as well as some minor additions in functionality. When I released CarrierEditor, I didn’t seem to give an official post about what it really was. CarrierEditor allows you to change your carrier logo on your iPhone or iPad (LTE/3G) without a jailbreak on certain carriers. This is somewhat similar to Zeppelin, which is why I added some default Zeppelin logos into the .dmg attachment, but you can also make your own in Photoshop and use them as well. Popular supported devices include the iPhone 5 and the iPad LTE. Remember, only devices that support a carrier are able to do this trick, meaning no WiFi-only devices. Note that I cannot add support for more carriers than what is already listed (e.g. Sprint), because not all carriers use images as their status bar logos (do not email me about them). You can always revert back with using the original .ipcc or a blank copy of the .ipcc with the version number difference. Additionally, you may also restore via iTunes to go back to your original carrier logos. This process does not harm your capability to call or use data services. Nothing will change except your logos. There will hopefully be a Windows version of this soon (no ETA).

You can find a download link in the downloads section on the left.


Wooh, its been a while.

Haven’t had the time really to post a blog post in a long time. A lot has gone on so far though. Let’s start with the talk of Siri. Since our last visit to the Siri proxy idea, I’ve found it very inconvenient and inefficient to run proxies due to their large demand for keys. Therefore as you may have known, I’ve switched to a Google services based server in which provides much more stability as well as customization. The obvious con to this is that I have to code each functional feature, but as of right now (Mar. 18, 2012), I’ve coded a good portion of essential features that encompass the actual Siri. A list of the status of commands is here, props to @danielmcoelho who has made it. In addition, I also noticed that I couldn’t bring users here that have come for my Siri servers, so I created a new site: siri.uhelios.com that is dedicated to just Siri. Finally, we’ve also created a Siri Support site forum that everyone should go to if they have any issues/comments/suggestions whatsoever.

In terms of the store, it seems as so that we’re having some issues with PayPal so the only option at the moment on the store is via direct credit card. Until my support staff and I sum up this issue with PayPal, that option is not functional. (I will later write another post if it does become online once more)

Lastly, Zeusmos development will be starting very soon once I add some finishing touches to the Siri project. This is of course in reply to the iPad 3 release. In addition, due to my lack of time, I will be adding the UDID/Provisioning Profile/Certificate option into the store. However, I am still selling these packages! Email me if you’re interested and I can set up you quickly.

That basically sums up  any news up until March 18, 2012. If you have any questions email me at kevin@uhelios.com, but email support@siri-support.com if you have any Siri support related issues.

PayPal is Back Up!

I’ve had some recent issues with PayPal lately, and I was able to get it back up and running for all purchases from me. Just go to uhelios.com/store and choose either button for PayPal or Credit Card purchases.

BTW, donations are back up too, so if you would like please go ahead and donate to support server funds!

Let’s talk Siri for a bit. This is a bit old on the news, if you have been following me on Twitter, but I was able to get Siri working on my iPhone 4. Using the original SiriProxy created by plamoni and a modified forked version that locally saved and injected the 4S keys onto a non-4S device, the outcome was a working Siri on my device. Stability on the server so far is crap, in my opinion, but I am looking to re-code most of it, however the server does provide full functionality brought to the phone. A jailbreak is required as due to the fact of requiring a Siri GUI port such as the recent release of chpwn’s Spire, sirip1ne, SiriPort.. etc (there are plenty more).

What I plan on doing with this server of mine is still undecided. I wish to make it free as long as donations do continue flow in to support high server costs. I won’t be disclosing any informations to connect or such at the moment unless further notice of major improvements on the server’s proxy (and please don’t ask me any questions regarding it either).

However, if you are dying to get one started, just use the SiriProxy source to set up a VPS yourself and get a friend of yours who owns a 4S to get their keys.

Follow me on Twitter (@uhelios) for more updates.

InstaSign Has Finally Arrived!

InstaSign has been officially released at InstaSign.it or at InstaSign.me (both are the same url essentially). InstaSign has been a modification from iReSign v3 and has major improvements including the infamous codesigning issue with iOS 5 compatible applications, some nifty features like canceling a codesigning process, verifying the certificate name, Growl v3.1 support (doesn’t require Growl framework now), and much more! Visit the full changelog at InstaSign.it and download your copy there as well! 

We have lift off with fixing applications that are iOS 5 compatible. I know everyone has been waiting for this for a while now and I will implement it into the next, “re-named” version of iReSign (InstaSign) as soon as it is stable. 
In the photo, Tweetbot 1.8.1 usually doesn’t resign, but now it does as it replaces the signature in the terminal window. (click on the image to zoom)…

We have lift off with fixing applications that are iOS 5 compatible. I know everyone has been waiting for this for a while now and I will implement it into the next, “re-named” version of iReSign (InstaSign) as soon as it is stable. 

In the photo, Tweetbot 1.8.1 usually doesn’t resign, but now it does as it replaces the signature in the terminal window. (click on the image to zoom)…

Anonymous asked
what exactly is shift?

It’s a free Mac application that allows you to customize your Mac OS features. Features like changing your desktop background, icons, boot logo, generic icons, hiding certain items of your desktop, and more. Shift makes it easy to do all those things through the Icon Library where you can download and use images right of the web to use with anything. Since its free try it out and I’d love to get some feedback.

Anonymous asked
can you do this on windows?

Partially. You can do this on windows if you use VMWare Workstation (google search) to install Mac OS X Lion and doing it from there. You are required to work from a Mac operating system for this to work with Xcode.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5, iTunes 10.5, Lion.. What Else?

So many people have been wondering if the method to install any app you desire from resigning the IPA and installing it via iTunes will work with the iPhone 4S and iOS 5. Well of course it will work, since as I have previously stated, there are no such requirements for resigning on any firmware or on any device. Once more, this method to install apps, originally for the iPad 2, will work on any device (iPhone 4(S), iPod Touch (whatever it is now), and iPad). The only requirement is to have Xcode 3 or Xcode 4 to install the provisioning profiles on to the device. 

You can buy DevProfiles from me at any time here on my website. I, myself, will be getting the iPhone 4S tomorrow (Friday, October 14) so I will provide some feedback on this blog on how it goes. Stay tuned and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to either tweet me or send me an old-fashioned email!

News Update


[Picture Removed from Tumblr] :(

So today one of my co-workers, a professional designer, was able to spruce up my Shift icon for me and this is the result! Compare it to the old one and this one looks amazing as well as a bit glossy. I’m going to be using this icon from now on on all the future updates. Drop by and let me know what you guys think about it by just sending me a tweet, email, or IM.

Next up, a new version of Shift will allow users to upload their favorite icons/images via the Shift Icon Library and use them whenever and wherever. Limit? - None. In addition we’ll have a new UI to the app as well to also spruce things up in addition to the new icon.

Last up, we all know that the JailbreakMe (Saffron) 3.0 by Comex was released. In case any of you guys missed it and the 4.3.3 SHSH Blob window has already been closed, don’t fret! Here’s the 4.3 jailbreak for you all iPad 2 guys and gals out there:




(visit these on Safari on the iPad 2)

Anonymous asked
how long did it take you to become really good at programming? when did you start? what methods did you use?

It took me 4 years to master 5 languages. I started when I was 10 and I learned using books/online resources.