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A programmer on primarily iOS and Mac, but I also do a hint of web development.

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CarrierEditor (Mac OS X 10.7+)

CarrierEditor allows you to customize your iOS device’s carrier logo to something totally different. This is limited to devices that can support data/phone service, so no WiFi-only devices. Some carriers might not be supported because they do not use images for their logos (e.g. Sprint). The good part is that CarrierEditor works WITHOUT a jailbreak on any firmware, so iPhone 5’s and iPad LTE’s work. If you do not see your device/carrier within CarrierEditor in the drop down lists, it means that your device is incompatible.

Download CarrierEditor v1.0.9

*Zeppelin Logos are also included in the .dmg :)

InstaSign (Mac OS X 10.6+)

A codesigning utility built with elegance and efficiency for the Mac OS X platform. For more information visit the InstaSign home page at http://instasign.it 

InstaSign Download

CoorZip (Mac OS X 10.6+)

CoorZip is a free utility that converts CSV (excel) documents that contain longitude/latitude coordinates OR individual coordinates into U.S. Postal zip codes based on Google’s and Yahoo’s Reverse Geocoding API. This tool is open source that uses both API’s - Google with JSON parsing and Yahoo with XML parsing. More information and download is on Github.


Shift (Mac OS X 10.6+)

We have recently switched servers from uhelios.com to ChocoCodes.com in order to provide better online/login service to our users, since my website server had many downtimes. All our current product keys have been removed as well as the accounts. The new servers should be much much faster and updating from now on will be from ChocoCodes.com. Email kevin@uhelios.com for a request of a free new product key.

The Tenth Release Candidate of Shift (v1) has been released! Just to give a quick synopsis of the application’s purpose, Shift is suppose to create a unique and easy way to customize your Mac OS by being suited with a complete set of tools to redesign the look of your computer. So far Shift can change any file, app, directory’s icon as well as change the generic icon files. Shift can also change your boot logo and manage all your icons in an easy-to-use library with a built-in web downloader. Our current status on the application is still in release candidate production. There will be some bugs and such, which is why we would like you all to report any bugs to kevin@uhelios.com or tweet me @uhelios. Please take note of all this before downloading! All updates of Shift will be released through an in-app updater, so no need to check back through uhelios.com for a new version. By now you’re probably bored of reading all the preliminary info, so below are the download links and change log:

Shift (Mac OS X 10.6 +) 1.0RC10

(Fully Compatible with Mac OS X Lion (10.7) on GM Seed)

MD5 Hash Sum: 670ca81da64b0773bd051e0f75ad0e51

Note: Login is currently not working. Our servers are having some maintenance, so bear with us on that end!

View the whole list of change logs/bugs/release notes HERE.

Shift has finally gone into the Release Candidate stages. Please report any bugs to kevin@uhelios.com or @uhelios on Twitter!